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DAR Rep/Chief Prasad
DAR Rep/Chief Prasad
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Contribute to our Squadron or Training Ship!

Our unit is always looking for individual and corporate donors. Contributing to the Sea Cadets is making an investment in the youth and future of this country.

Most costs are offset by national contributions as well as donations from our sponsors however, cadets are always in need of funds to assist them with attending advanced training's.


Most training's costs about $200-$400 and the cadet must also pay to get there. This can become quite an expense especially for parents with more than one cadet in the program!

Make a difference. No donation is too small!

Please contact our Commanding Officer, LTJG Henry Pedersen, by phone at  408-655-0495, or by email at hank.pedersen@incal.com to make your tax deductible donation today!


**You should consult your tax advisor regarding any questions about your donation.**



At the national level the Naval Sea Cadet Corps receives financial support from the Navy League of the United States and individual contributors from the Combined Federal Campaign.


In addition the NSCC receives various grants from the government and private foundations to help offset the costs of training for cadets. The Sea Cadet program is also made possible through the countless hours that volunteer Sea Cadet officers put into the program.




Military Support

The armed services provide invaluable support the NSCC. They support the program to the extent permitted by available resources, providing the support does not interfere with military missions. Locally, our units gets tremendous amount of support / cooperation from Coast Guard Island and the boats that dock there. Support includes use of bases and ships for cadet training, textbooks, training aids, berthing and messing facilities under certain circumstances, airlifts and surplus uniforms. Also each service provides a valuable asset of personnel, who volunteer to instruct cadets in their area of expertise at Sea Cadet summer training and as members of the NSCC Officer Corps.