Command Staff

 Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG) Pedersen, Commanding Officer

The commanding officer is accountable to the Regional Director and National Headquarters (NHQ) Representative for compliance with regulations and for all matters relating to the proper administration and operation of the unit

Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG) Paquette, Executive Officer

The executive officer is responsible to the commanding officer for the proper operation and administration of the unit and for such duties as may be delegated. The executive officer will assume command in the absence of the commanding officer.

Ensign (ENS) Aquino, Training Officer 

The training officer is responsible to the executive officer for instruction and training of cadets and leaders. As well as conducting leadership training seminars for all unit personnel on Fraternization and Sexual Harassment. 

Ensign (ENS) Aquino, Administrative Officer

The administrative officer is responsible to the executive officer for all unit administrative matters. These matters typically include maintaining unit files and preparations for the annual inspection. 

Instructor Gao,  Unit Course Administrator

The unit course administrator is responsible to the executive officer for administration of the NSCC academic correspondence course program. Duties typically include grading coursework, proctoring exams, and monitoring cadet progress to ensure timely  promotions. 

Instructor Davis, Recruiting and Public Affairs Officer

The recruiting and public affairs officer is responsible to the executive officer for cadet recruiting and for cadet enrollment processing. As public affairs officer, he or she is responsible for procurement of promotional materials, contact with local media, and for preparations of press releases.

Command Master Chief, USN (ret) Blea, NLUS Liaison

Responsible to the commanding officer and regional director for unit coordination with our chief sponsor the United States Navy League