Supply Department

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Supply Officer: Inst. Young





As a recruit you are issued your "main" uniforms from the Supply Officer. You are required to purchase the other items. Please purchase the following:


For Dress Uniforms:

1. A white t-shirt (a heavy one that will look good, nothing that a person can see through)

2. Black socks

3. Black dress shoes (rounded toe and no stitching on the toe) Corframs are not authorized for wear by cadets. They are mainly for office wear and are known to melt in the sun and cause foot injuries. Plus you don't get the joy of shining them!! (Click here for retailers). 


For Battle Dress Uniform (BDU):

1. Brown shirt (buy this from an actual military surplus store)

2. Black boots (any type is authorized)


For both Dress Uniforms and BDU

Name / Branch Tapes

Step One: go to

Step Two: Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on "USNSCC"

Step Three: Purchase the following name tapes/tags:

  • OLIVE DRAB NAME TAPES FOR CAMOUFLAGE UNIFORMS (purchase two and put your last name ONLY in all capital letters. Do NOT included your first initial.
  • OLIVE DRAB BRANCH TAPES FOR CAMOUFLAGE UNIFORMS (purchase two.  Cadets aged 10-12 must purchase "USNLCC" branch tapes. Cadets 14-17 must purchase "USNSCC" branch tapes. IF you are 13, please contact the supply officer to verify which branch tapes you should purchase. (13 year old's may be placed in Hancock Squadron OR Training Ship Midway at the discretion of the Commanding Officer)  
  • PLASTIC NAME PLATES (Purchase two and put your last name ONLY in capital letters. Do not include your first initial).
  • IRON-ON LABELS (Purchase at least one sheet. Line 1: Last Name, Line 2: Unit Name (either Hancock (ages 14-17) or TS Midway (ages 10-12). Thirteen year old cadets, please contact the supply officer to verify which unit you are in.) 



For Physical Fitness Uniform: The squadron does not have an uniform physical fitness uniform. Per chapter 20 of our SOP, the physical fitness uniform is:


Warm Weather: a white short sleeve shirt or any advanced training shirt (regardless of color) and blue shorts. 


In Cold/Inclement Weather: A sweatshirt and sweatpants (any color). 


Click here to purchase official NSCC/NLCC PT Gear. Purchase of these items is optional.



Remember, you are wearing official US Navy uniforms. To the general public you look like active duty sailors. Therefore, you are expected to act as such. Wear your uniform with GREAT PRIDE, or don't wear it at all. 


*Note: Links are provided for reference only. You may purchase these items from any source you wish. We advise to not to spend a good deal of money on footwear, because cadets grow fast!