Navy Education and Training Correspondence Courses



The United States Navy has authorized cadets to study from some of the exact manuals as real sailors do! These courses are developed and distributed by the Navy Education and Training Command. 


Sea Cadets are required to complete these courses as a part of their promotion requirements. 


Required Courses:

Basic Military Requirements (BMR)


Military Requirements for Petty Officers Third and Second Class

Military Requirements for Petty Officer First Class

Military Requirements for Chief Petty Officer

Optional Courses:



Naval Instructional Theory

Seabee Combat Handbook 1

Seabee Combat Handbook 2

Sound Powered Phone Talker

Tools and Their Uses



Submit a Course

Contact the Unit Course Administrator (UCA) / Administrative Officer Instructor Gao for information on submitting courses. She can be reached via email at *Please note: INST Gao is responsible for administrative and course grading. She responsibilities are separate and distinct from the training department

SOP for Submitting Coursework


  1. Properly record answers on a NSCC / NLCC approved answer sheets. 
  2. Complete the top portion of the answer sheet. Including the Course and Assignment Number. 
  3. Ensure you have included your last 5 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN). 
  4. If you are going to email them, scan them and send them to the CG Officer/UCA, INST Gao at         < >
  5. If you cannot email/scan them, please keep them in a safe place and turn them in during drill. 

Appendix C ◘ NAVTRA Correspondence Course Completion Timeline


The following courses must be completed according to the following timeline. Cadets must complete the NAVEDTRA correspondence course studies required by the program. For recruit cadets two BMR assignments are due each drill weekend until the BMR is completed. For recruit cadets seaman apprentice cadets and above one assignment is due each drill weekend. Failure to successfully complete the courses in the time established will result in a failure to promote and therefore will result in dismissal.


Basic Military Requirements – Within 3 months of enrolling

Seaman – 3 months after completion of the BMR

Petty Officer 3rd Class – 5 Months after completing Seaman

Petty Officer 2nd Class – 5 Months after completed Petty Officer 3rd Class

Petty Officer 1st Class – 6 Months after completing Petty Officer 2nd Class

Chief Petty Officer – 6 Months after completing Petty Officer 1st Class


Cadets may complete other correspondence courses after the completion of the aforementioned courses. The commanding officer may suspend the above requirements if a cadet expresses interest in an advanced training in which another NAVEDTRA course is a prerequisite. 


Cadets should strive to complete course chapters weekly and submit them to the unit course administrator. Cadets are discouraged from submitting all completed answer sheets at one time. This places an undue burden on the UCA and may delay course grading.