General Squadron / Ship Annoucements (1MC)

Apr 2014 - Drill Dates (POM has been Posted)

Saturday 12 APR 14

Sunday 13 APR 14

On-Going Community Service Opportunity

The City of Hayward has a monthly street clean-up on the 4th Saturday of every month! Cadets may attend this activity and earn community service hours towards it. Make sure the person in charge signs your community service hours sheet. The schedule can be accessed here. Show your pride wear your BDUs or a shirt from a training!

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BZ to Petty Officer of the Watch PO2 Cervantez on his successful completion of the Petty Officer 1st Class course. Excellent work!

Congrats to SA Howard on his enlistment in to the United States Coast Guard as well as his successful completion of Recruit Training!! Semper Paratus.